Why does plaque build up in our teeth?


The accumulation of plaque in our teeth is one of the common phenomena regarding oral health. It is advisable to prevent it in order to favor our image and take care of our dental system. Keeping a clean and healthy denture not only creates a more attractive smile, but it will make us feel more self-esteem. We tell you!

What is the plaque?

This matter we call coarse is actually the accumulation of remains of bacterial plaque in our teeth. Which is formed by saliva, waste of food and bacteria that meet daily on our teeth. Depending on our rhythm of life and hygiene habits, this accumulation may be lower or higher, to the point of having to take a solution.

How is it formed?

The plaque appears inevitably with each meal and with a little careful dental hygiene. Every time we ingest food or drinks, some remains are accumulated on the teeth and gums. The same happens when we do not use a dental floss, we do not glue colloidal, we rarely scrub them or use a suitable toothpaste.

When an excess of rubbing accumulates in the teeth it harms our aesthetics and can end up generating various oral infections. This accumulation forms a yellowish or brownish layer that prevents them from seeing their natural white color. Consequently, it acts as a colony for viruses and bacteria. If you do not follow minimum hygiene habits and regular visits to the dentist, caries, bad breath, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. may appear. among other diseases that affect the oral area.

How to eliminate it?

Although the usual plaque is formed when the dental hygiene is insufficient, it is difficult to remove it with the toothbrush. The most effective solution is requesting a visit to the dental clinic in order to apply a specialized treatment. The procedure is very simple, since it does not require anesthesia, it is painless and it is done in a few minutes. Oral cleaning is recommended at least twice a year to maintain a healthy mouth. This is especially important for those most susceptible to caries and diseases, such as pregnant women or people with diabetes.

Through a specialized instrument, the dentist performs a buccal cleaning to eliminate all the remains of bacterial plaque that has accumulated in the teeth. This treatment consists of removing the plaque that adheres to both the teeth and the gums.

How to prevent it?

The best solution to avoid the appearance of course is following daily hygienic guidelines and regularly visit our dentist for proper dental cleaning. It is important to follow these two points at the same time, since excluding one will make our hygiene not complete.

On the other hand, some products that can help prevent plaque formation are the use of dental or colloidal floss. Glopping them for a minute prevent the appearance of both coarse and bacterial plaque. Keep in mind that it will not be possible to eliminate all of the dirt, but it will keep its growth margin.

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