Why You Need 7 to 8 Hours a Night

Throughout our lives we devote a large part of our time to rest. Although it may seem useless, sleep is very important. And if we reflect on the subject, we will conclude that almost one-third of our life cycle we spend it sleeping. Although it may give us the feeling of being a useless activity, it is a very important function of our body. Thanks to the sound, our body is capable of recovering from physical and psychological tiredness. We tell you!

You have probably always heard that sleeping well is a very important thing, although you do not know why. The explanation lies in the well-being, a physical state that largely depends on our biological rhythm. This is a process that all people have and that corresponds to the usual pace of life. In other words, all individuals meet a pattern of sleep and sleep time that is related to the hours of light in the environment and to which it adapts.

This biological rhythm, also called the circadian rhythm, acts as a clock that regulates the physiological functions of our organism in a cycle that depends on our solar schedule, that is, for twenty-four hours. Thanks to this process, our body is able to regenerate tissues, carry out hormonal activity or run the neuronal network correctly. When the rest period is broken or not done as usual, the biological rhythm is altered and generates physical and psychological effects on our body and our minds. For example, when you make a long plane trip, you can suffer the jetlag, a consequence that modifies our sleep schedule and can lead to tiredness, disorientation and insomnia.

Sound restoration function

When we sleep, it may seem that we somehow disconnect from reality. However, our body never ceases to function and takes advantage of these moments to perform tasks that you can not do while you are awake. Some of these are both physical and psychological regeneration and the rehabilitation of our vital functions:

Regarding the physical field, popularly what is known as resting to recover with more energy and alleviate the pain we have suffered. Explained more accurately, our body begins a process of recovery of the usual energy balance, creates new hormones, regenerates the damaged tissues and oxygenates the cells.

On the other hand, when sleeping, sleep also helps us maintain our body weight, improves cardiovascular health and regulates blood pressure. At the end of the rest, the person regains the physical coordination and the psychomotor activity that loses throughout the day being awake.

Regarding the psychological field, sleep helps us to put in order all the information received during the day. Memory is regulated, the ability to learn, the concentration and recovery of emotional balance.

Although each person has their own sleeping habits, during the adult stage it is recommended to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day. By not doing so, the next day the individual will only be able to work 60% of their abilities and will not have adequate physical and emotional well-being due to a bad rest.

In order to have a good level of health it is advisable to establish routines that allow us to enjoy a good rest. Do you suffer from sleep problems? Get in touch with us and we will advise you on how to solve it.