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Laboratory hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Without prior appointment

COVID-19 diagnostic tests: Medical prescription + authorization is required in the case covered by the company. (PCR and IgA / IgM and IgG serology)

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Medical Services Activita, also known as Activita is a healthcare centre, founded in 1978 by Dr. Josep Maria Arqué.

Its origins are located at Anselm Clavé in Granollers, where initially Dr. Arqué had his particular Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology consultancy. The business grew in the following years by adding other medical specialties. In 1981 the company moved to the current location at street Joan Prim n.136 to attend the increasing demand. Currently, the company also offers its services at other nearby centers in Granollers (Joan Prim n.137 and Francesc Ribas n.2-4).

Since its beginnings, Activita focuses its activity on the provision of high quality health care services. The company covers all medical specialties to provide patients with comprehensive and integral care by using the most advanced technology. Today, Activita is a reference company in the region (Valles Oriental) in the provision of private medical services.

Activita provides services to patients insured by different health insurance companies, so a very important part of its activity is destined to satisfy the necessities of the members of such insurance companies. Activita also provides health care, privately, to any other user who needs or requests its services.

Activita’s medical staff features highly-renowned professionals from each specialty. Around a hundred doctors attend over 100,000 medical visits each year.


Activita has a rooted philosophy of applying the highest quality standards, leveraged on proximity and human warmth. It is crucial to offer to the patients our professional excellence at all stages.

We also want our patients to receive the best service with regard to treatment, accessibility and communication. Therefore, Activita takes care of the details and always looks to customize its services. We also seek to build a closed relationship with our patients to obtain the highest degree of satisfaction and to ensure their trust and confidence.

At the same time, Activita always works with highly committed professionals. In return we offer the highest facilities to them to carry out their professional activities with utmost excellence. To ensure a high level of satisfaction we make a determined commitment to technology and innovation, talent and collaboration.

In short, Activita covers all medical specialties offered by a warm human team and a renowned professional staff using the most advanced technology with the aim to provide our patients with efficient and tailored-based solutions.

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