What are the diseases of the fall? How to prevent the most common

malalties de tardor

Although each season of the year has its own diseases, spring and autumn are the most prominent. During these months of rains and irregular temperature changes it is when people with more sensitivity can suffer allergies more often and lower their immune system. Today we tell you some of the most common diseases of the fall to learn to prevent them properly.

Seasonal colds

During the first weeks of September, both at night and at night the thermometer marks low temperatures. During the central hours of the day the heat prevails without too much wind. The combination of cold, heat, rain and air causes us to be in constant weather changes and that we cover ourselves and break them down every two by three. With this, our body costs you to get used to the variations quickly and we are more exposed to the possibility of contagion.

The flu

The flu disease is a great classic of the cold months. Many people due to lack of care of their health end up suffering from a fall of defenses and as a result they take it and spread it to their families. It is common to contract it indoors and with little ventilation.

Allergies and sensitivities

The multitude of allergies that occur during this season are slightly different from those typical of spring. They usually occur in homes and places where cleaning is temporarily neglected or there is accumulation of dust, dirt, excess moisture, etc. In these cases, small domestic insects arise, such as mites. Thus, if the site is venting relatively little, it is frequent to suffer any allergies or sensitivities to these conditions.

Asthma and bronchitis

For reasons similar to those of autumnal allergies, asthma and bronchitis appear due to poor conditions of cleaning or isolation of the home. It is possible that the accumulation of dust, moisture, moldings or even fungi are reactive factors to develop an allergic behavior. The main route of infection in these cases is always the air.

Autumn evening

With the end of the holiday and the beginning of autumn, episodes of autumnal asthenia are very frequent. These types of disorders are mainly accentuated by seasonal conditions, such as reducing light hours, weather conditions, and especially, bad weather. The return to routine is also a determining factor that ends up making the person adopt an attitude of generalized sneeze and apathy.

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