The 5 most common indigestions of Christmas


Days are coming when the celebrations are on the agenda. They sell many meals and care must be taken with what is consumed. The accumulation of social gatherings such as Christmas, business dinner or New Year’s Eve can lead to gastrointestinal upheaval and indigestions. Today we indicate what elements can be a risk factor for your health.

In the coming days, many people will hold meetings, social gatherings and meetings with family, friends and former colleagues. As is customary in these weeks of December, these events take place at someone’s house or at a restaurant to share a meal or dinner together. It is necessary to take into account the treatment of foods and dishes, as they can cause indigestion and allergies to people with more sensitivity. Therefore, if sufficient information is not available, it is better to avoid some that are prone to this type of affectation.

Fish and seafood

Fish and seafood are two of the food groups most likely to cause health problems. Although someone may not be allergic, it is possible that in some specific case they may suffer from any reaction against them. Therefore, it is advisable to know the degree of sensitivity towards one of these two groups. It is usually found in traditional broths and soups. Among its most common effects, it is itchy in the oral area, vomiting, skin spots, diarrhea and respiratory difficulties.


Egg is also one of the main sensitive foods. Although it has essential nutrients, people with allergies can acquire them through a varied and balanced diet. It is usually found as an ingredient in cakes, desserts and sweets of all kinds.

Fruit of all kinds

Peaches, apricots, bananas, cherries, or kiwi, among others, are the main causes of some indigestion at this time. They are very common in pastries, desserts and Christmas candy recipes. They can cause itching throughout the body, inflammation of the tongue and lips and stains on the skin.

Cereals and nuts

Special attention must be paid to wheat, rice, peanuts, nuts and hazelnuts. This is a fast food source, as it is often found in bars or celebrations before starting dinner. They are commonly used in processed foods, such as cookies, ice cream, sauces or bread. Among its effects, they cause swelling of the stomach, vomiting, diarrhea and lumpiness.

Dairy products

Milk, especially cow’s milk, is often causing sensitivity and bad digestion. The products that carry lactose strokes can also be causative. This type of molecule is used as an element of food preservation. For the most sensitive or intolerant people, it can cause vomiting, general malaise and indigestion.

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