The 5 healing properties of seawater

aigua de marSea water is one of the most beneficial health resources that we have at our disposal, although many people do not know their properties. Its healthy benefits are diverse, and even represents the central element of thalassotherapy, a healing method for some diseases that is based on the climate and marine baths. Today we tell you some of its healing factors and how it can help strengthen the health status of some groups.

Sea water in gastronomy

Sea water is a very viable alternative to cooking salt because it brings a lot of minerals to our body. While the first one only provides small doses of sodium chloride and iodine, the second one in addition to the mineralization also acts as a flavor enhancer.

Rehydrate in your sports practice

Sea water is also an ideal resource for physical exercise, since it acts as an isotonic drink. Its chemical composition helps to rehydrate and recover the electrolyte and mineral salts that are lost during sports practice. Unlike other drinks in the market, it does not have sugars added and our body assimilates it perfectly.

Sea water helps digestion

One of its great benefits is that it facilitates the process of assimilation of food to the digestive system. The process begins by activating the salivary glands that are found in the tongue and then moved to the stomach. In this organ it stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid and a protein digestion enzyme to facilitate the decomposition of food. As a complement, it also works with the liver and bowel to facilitate good digestion.

Facilitates regeneration

Every day our body suffers from abuses that cause weakening and weariness, such as time, contamination, stress or daily rhythm. These effects make our body lose cells and lose strength in the immune system. The consumption of seawater is able to restore balance and increase vitality in order to restore our normal state of health quickly and naturally.

A very healthy therapeutic remedy

Sea water is considered a very healthy element with regard to skin care. In recent years, the number of studies has increased in order to evaluate and document its effectiveness as a therapeutic method. Its main benefit is a reduction of transepidermal water, which favors the creation of a protective barrier on the skin to repel infections.

The healing properties of seawater are diverse and can favor the recovery of the health of groups such as:

  • Patients or people with skin problems
  • People with gastric difficulties
  • People with a very active lifestyle or with everyday stress

Keep in mind that seawater is good for being a natural resource but in its natural state it contains a large amount of salt. Therefore, it is necessary to make a previous filtering to eliminate an excess of this substance and not suffer its consequences. Commercial products made with seawater already have such a process to reduce their negative effects.

As we have seen many of the positive properties of sea baths, we can improve our dermis. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it is also the first shield that has to defend itself against the aggressions of the environment and protect it from harmful organisms and products. For this reason, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist to be able to diagnose and treat them.