Lumbago. How it is produced and how it is treated

Lumbàlgia causes i tractament

Have you ever made the gesture to press the lumbar before making an effort, however small, how to get up from the couch or bend over to pick up an object from the ground? It may be because we begin to feel the pain of low back pain or lumbago, which appears through a neurological mechanism that involves the activation of nerves that convey pain and the onset of muscle contraction and inflammation.


What is lumbago and how does it occur?

Lumbar pain is the pain located at the lower or lower back, because its origin is related to the structure of the musculoskeletal spinal cord.

This is a local pain that does not result in fractures, spondylitis, traumatism or neoplastic, neurological, infectious, vascular, endocrine, metabolic, gynecological or psychosomatic causes.

Many paths do not escape from this pathology, it is very transversal: it affects young people (79% of those under the age of 16 experience this pain), as adults and can manifest themselves in people with sedentary work , but also in those professionals who develop more physical tasks. In fact, experts say that about 80% of the population has had or will have some back pain during their lives.

Low back pain has in 80% of cases a nonspecific origin and it is common for acute back pain to be caused by a sudden injury to the muscles and ligaments that support the back. Let’s review some of the main causes of sudden lumbago, among others:

  • Fractures for compression of the spine due to osteoporosis
  • Fracture of the spinal cord
  • Muscle spasm (very tense muscles)
  • Disc hernia or broken disk
  • Sciatica
  • Curvatures of the spinal column that can be inherited and, therefore, begin to observe them in children or adolescents

Treatment of lumbago

As a consequence of the unexpected character of the lower back pain that occurs many times, its treatment, especially in the initial cases, is based on simple measures that can occur in a more or less rapid cure, depending on the intensity of pain or The cause: application of heat and / or alternating cold, rests reducing physical activity and avoiding the efforts, the most common drugs are anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants (always following medical prescription) and physiotherapy, from exercises specific for lumbago, designed to adjust the position of the vertebrae and normalize the movement of the spine.

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