How to renew the driving license in 3 simple steps

Renewing the driver’s license is a task that all car drivers must carry out at least once in a lifetime. Depending on their characteristics and the type of vehicle that lead the expiration dates may vary, which usually generates headaches and some confusion. Today we tell you how this process works and what is the easiest way to carry it out:

The renewal of the driving license as such is a bureaucratic process, and although in recent years the DGT has simplified the steps to make it more agile, it remains a complex fact with many peculiarities. Therefore, before beginning the paperwork, it is necessary to make clear its operation and the options available to the driver.

The driver’s license is an official document of the State, and for this reason it always has a validity period that is determined by three factors. First, the driver’s characteristics such as age or offenses committed. The renewal of the permit must be carried out more or less late if the driver is over 65 years old or has committed several infractions, and consequently these have been accompanied by a loss of points.

Secondly, if the permit is of a kind of vehicle or another then it will also condition its validity. And lastly, if the driver at the time of renewing the card has an illness or disability that may aggravate over time, then prevention will also be taken into account to assess the validity period of the driver’s license.

– PERMITS OF DRIVING AM, A1, A2, AYB: <65 years every 10 years /> o = 65 years every 5 years – PERMITS OF CONDUCT BTP, C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, DYD + E: <65 years every 5 years /> o = 65 years every 3 years

The driving license can be renewed up to three months in advance. Thanks to this fact, we do not have to wait to have the new permit, since its validity will count from the expiration date of the previous one. The renovation can be carried out through the Headquarters of Traffic or at a medical examination center such as Activita. The documentation to be submitted to carry out the renovation varies depending on one place or another, the second option being the simplest and fastest.

How to renew the driver’s license through your medical center:

To carry out the renovation in a medical center, you will have to follow these three simple steps:

  • Present the original and valid ID or Passport. In the case of community foreigners, they must present the residence authorization, the identity document of the country in question or the Passport, together with the Certificate of Registration in the Central Register of Foreigners for community foreigners. As regards non-EU foreign citizens, the Residence Authorization for non-EU foreigners must be submitted. The documentation must be the original and in force.
  • Deliver the documentation and make the payment: The person who does the renovation must take a photograph and deliver it with the request for extension of the driver’s license. This documentation will be provided to the same medical center. Finally, you must pay a price for the management costs.
  • Carry out the medical test: It will be necessary for the person to submit to a medical examination that will be sent to the Traffic Department along with a report of psychophysical aptitude.

After these steps, the process of renewing the driving license will be closed and you just have to wait to obtain the new permit. Remember that you can do it on Centre Mèdic Activita.