Good Purpose 2020 (II): 3 Important Dentist Recommendations for Caring for Your Oral Health

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Smiling is one of the main attractions of your physical appearance and, most often, the first impression you make on other people. Therefore, in order to enjoy a good image, oral health must be taken care of, both from a hygienic and aesthetic point of view. Today, the team of professionals at the Medical Center Activita gives you 3 professional tips so you can count on maximum well-being.

Take care of the hygiene of your teeth

The oral area is always a focus of infections. Throughout the day, with the accumulation of food residues, renewal of saliva and physical contact with other elements, viruses and bacteria may appear that endanger health. Without proper hygiene, plaque builds up in the teeth gradually which can damage their structure and degrade their image. In conclusion, it reduces the person’s well-being and increases the likelihood of having an infection or illness.

To prevent any damage to oral health it is advisable to follow some basic guidelines daily to take care of it. You need to brush your teeth at least three times a day, and always after each meal using toothpaste. Fluoride-containing pastes increase their strength and prevent tooth decay. Remember that the brush needs to be changed approximately every three to four months to ensure maximum efficiency.

Drops and floss are supplements that help maintain oral health by cleaning the corners where the brush does not reach, preventing the appearance of bacteria. During brushing it is advisable to go over the tongue and gums to ensure all food waste is eliminated.

Visit your dentist regularly

Although hygiene routines are maintained to ensure oral health, this is not enough. Commercial brushes and cleansers are ineffective at combating plaque and more deeply rooted tooth decay. You need to visit a dentist at least once a year for a complete cleaning of the entire oral area.

With the professional brushes and tools of a dentist, you can gradually remove all the plaque that builds up over time. This is a useful remedy to prevent potential long-term health problems, and can be offered by Activita Medical Center.

Watch out for food

You must always eat a healthy, balanced diet. Fruit and vegetables such as melon, watermelon or tomato contain a large amount of water in their composition. It helps maintain good hydration in the teeth and ensure oral health.

When there is no time or place to brush your teeth, sugar-free gum is a good temporary solution. These types of products help reduce the acidity in the mouth after a meal.

Foods that are high in sugar and drinks that are too cold or too hot are harmful. Not only do they facilitate tooth decay, they also wear away tooth enamel.

Activita Medical Center has a team of experts who can help you ensure good oral health and maintain a flawless image of your smile. Request an online visit now!