7 ideal stretches to perform on the beach


Taking advantage of the summer’s coming, it is a good time to take care of our body and physical fitness. For the most crowded people, it will not be difficult to show the figure through physical exercise and beach, sea or mountain sports. But if you are looking for a vacation to relax without having to move too much, we give you some advice. By doing these daily stretches you can keep fit and enjoy good health!

The beach is one of the most recommended places for practice some stretches and physical exercise during the summer. Its good weather, the holiday atmosphere, the fine sand and the presence of the sea help us to disconnect from the routine and change the air. In addition, we always have one or several ways to moisturize and keep us cool to fight high temperatures and possible dizziness.

Sports practice not only helps us keep our body in shape, but also streamlines the activation of our muscles during the day. This fact gives us several advantages, such as having more physical and mental energy to face the day, not to get tired quickly, and avoid possible injuries to the cold body. Maintaining a daily exercise routine can benefit our body and have a healthier physical form when it comes to preventing possible pain and occasional discomfort.

Below you will find seven stretches that you can do quietly on the beach to enjoy a pleasant and healthy summer:

Make seats

Before beginning, it performs a previous general warming of all the muscles to avoid excessive effort and possible muscle injuries. Once this previous phase has passed, you can start exercising your body by doing several series of seats. Flex your knees and lower your body vertically until you have your legs flexed. Once you get to that point, you make the opposite movement and start over.

Forearm iron

Put yourself in the position of doing push ups and stretch your entire body forming a straight line ascending. The legs must remain at a minimum height as opposed to the top and while lifting your knees as high as possible. Once in this position, try lifting your legs as high as possible sequentially.

Flexion of triceps

Starting from the previous position, it supports the hands and flexes the elbows. With this movement you need to stretch your elbows completely without moving the trunk and returning to the starting position.

Strengthens the abs

Take the land face up and support your feet. Then place your hands behind your head, flex your legs with your knees upright and try to lift the upper body as much as you can without moving the lower part.

Exercise of glutes

Stretch on the floor and place your hands on your waist. Try to lift it as hard as you can by tightening the buttocks and abdomen.

Knee lift

Sit on the legs open at the width of the waist and direct the body weight to one of the two. Then raise and lower the knee of the other leg as high as you can.

Walk through the water flexing the legs

Take your right leg forward flexing the knee and lifting the heel of your left leg. Keep your body as straight as you can and move on alternating the movement with each leg.

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