5 stretches to regain fitness after a hearty meal

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During the Christmas season, it is common for people to increase their social activity considerably. These are days when there are many gastronomic encounters, leisure activities, or simply the need for rest and disconnection from the routine. Factors that have a different impact on each person and have a significant impact on body constitution. Today we propose five stretches to help you get the exercise you need after a very busy days and to recover your fitness.

It is important to play sports all year round, but it is even more so during the days when more celebrations occur. If left out, the body loses its usual physical form and is more vulnerable to coping with everyday life. Bone structure, muscle, and even energy capacity suffer. Consequently, they have more difficulty maintaining the same level of activity during their regular routine. We propose five stretches that you can do quickly to properly model your fitness.

Adductor stretching

Launching adductors helps your body feel more elastic and less muscular. First, place your hands on your waist and open your legs with a bow. Then stretch your left leg as far as you can to this side, but always keeping your toe on the ground. When you can no more, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with your right leg. This stretch improves the connection of the thigh muscles with the pelvis and lumbar spine.

Twins stretching

This exercise strengthens the back muscles and improves the center of gravity of the body. First, bend down at a 180-degree angle, resting your arms on a support point at the waist level (a table, chair, etc.). Second, place your legs at a comfortable opening angle for your pelvis, and slightly bend your knees. The goal is for the lumbar muscles and the twins to feel sufficient pressure to control the entire back muscle chain. Modify your posture by leaning more or less on the pressure you get on your back and thighs.

Psycho stretch

Exercising this muscle helps your pelvis and lumbar spine to move better, helping to reduce less back injury. From the start, place your left leg one step forward, flexing your knee as much as you can. With your right leg, step back and stretch it so that it is straight. Increases the distance between your legs and your flexion based on the pressure you receive on your muscle. Once you find it necessary, do the same by changing the position of your legs.

Stretching of the hamstrings

This posture improves body position, correcting the lumbar spine. For a start, look for a low support point and rest your right heel on it. Your leg should be fully straight so that you can put pressure on the back of the thigh. After a few moments, repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

Gluteus stretch

Exercising with these muscles helps you to suffer less contractions and muscle stiffness. Phenomena such as low back pain, sciatica, or sciatica. Lie down on the floor and pull your left leg back to begin this exercise. Support your toes so that you are almost upright, slightly bending your knee. The next step is to rest your left arm in front of the gaze so you do not lose balance, then move your right leg. Position it with the sole of the foot pointing to the left and behind the left arm. Then bend your knee at a ninety-degree angle. From this point on, the glutes will be raised from the floor and all pressure will fall on the back-muscle chain (the back, pelvis and thighs).

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