5 healthy recommendations to back to the routine

tornada a la rutina

August is over and with it the vacation of many people. September is synonymous with returning to the routine, returning home, returning contacts and greeting the baker again. The arrival of the habitual neighbors to our towns and cities is observed these weeks by the increase of the displacements, the streets of all the cities begin to be filled again to return to the “normal life” and the blinds of the commerce raise the blind and remove the informational poster with the dates of your holiday interval. And of course, September is also the month in which families will accompany their children to start the new school year, and in the case of adults, the return to work. We know it every year and, nevertheless, every year we welcome some good recommendations to resume the routine in the fastest and fastest way.

Vacations mean, to a lesser or greater extent, breaking the monotony, making our “sacred” schedules more flexible and temporarily interrupting those activities that fill our days during the course, both those that make us happy and the most tiring. For all this, the return of the holidays can become a stage that implies a certain disorientation or laziness, and even suffer the well-known “post-vacation syndrome”.

To face the return to the routine and overcome in the shortest time possible the longing for the summer that goes, in this article we give you five healthy tips so that you get a good adaptation to your day to day. There they go, they will help you achieve physical and mental well-being!

1. Adapt your schedules

Do not neglect rest (if they can be 8 hours better than 7) and, above all, food, both plots are vital for our well-being, they help us relax the mind and gather all the energy we need to perform properly. Live with the full “deposit”! Try to set a fixed schedule, a little more permissive at the beginning if you want. Finally, take care of the details that mark your time routine, try selecting a sweet and relaxing alarm tone, not at all twitching.

2. Organize your agenda of the day

During the first weeks, going to work in a hurry is not a good way to start the day and, on the other hand, it will be the best way to recover the stress levels that you had reduced with the summer break. You may not be focused yet and forget things at the last minute, which will cause bad mood and disorganization. Try to keep track of what you need every day from leaving home until your return. Try the priority lists written in your mobile’s notebook. For example, take an umbrella for rainy days or always carry a water bottle on top – we must start replacing water bottles with greener containers – to keep you hydrated at any time.

3. Find your daily motivation, a small achievable goal

Waking up the first days of the course and thinking about how far the holidays are from next year may become unproductive thinking. Which means that, if you don’t change this mentality during the first hours of the morning, it will turn into a bad mood for the rest of the day. Try to look daily for an aspect that motivates you or that pushes you to motivate yourself for some special reason, set yourself a small daily and achievable goal that can prop up your self-esteem at the top. For example, the reunion with the partners, start an exciting project, fix some domestic problem that you left pending or, if at noon you are part of the “army of the taper”, change your location at lunch time to alter your pre vacational routine.

4. Get up with a morning exercise routine

Do you know those 30 minutes of exercise that we should do every day? As more and more people decide to get rid of this responsibility as soon as they get up. Let’s not forget that sport is one of the fundamental pillars to lead a healthy life. It is not about starting the day exhausted, but taking advantage of some of the advantages of physical work on an empty stomach, such as fat burning or the release of antioxidants, which helps delay muscle aging. We talk about low intensity exercises such as cardio or stretching, which can be recommended by a personal trainer or a nearby specialist, distributed in small series of exercises. You will convert your dining room or your terrace into a small custom-made gym and face the days with the best self-esteem, resulting in a reinforcement of your physical and mental well-being.

5. Perform leisure activities

Entertainment and psychological rest are two of the factors that will help us push these first weeks of September, which can be somewhat thick, because they act as a reward. If you work many hours, mark yourself some small breaks every so often or even think about taking visual breaks if your work activity involves the continued use of a computer. They will help you relieve tension and all the weight of the information you carry in your mind. When you leave work, do some “after work” activity that manages to make you disconnect from the routine and get you to sleep better. Apart from applying advice number 4, if you want more sport, you can go to the gym, settle your pending account with “running”, go shopping or read a good book, even if only 10 pages a day or 15 minutes, to deny that myth that we only find time to read when we are on vacation.

Now that you know these little tricks, apply them to your routine to get a good result. And if you want to hear more advice applicable to your life in a personalized way,

you can make an appointment online with the hundred medical specialists that make up Activita, your reference medical center in Vallés Oriental.