Good Purpose 2020 (I): 5 Tips for Starting the Year with Healthier Habits

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The new year has already begun and it is time to formulate the new purposes for the next twelve months. Remembering, you must consider all the actions and bad habits that have been applied during 2019 in order to count on more well-being this year. If you agree with us that having good health is the most important thing, follow these 5 tips we have today to get you started on 2020 successfully.


Christmas lunches and dinners between friends and family are over for the holidays. After all the abundance of food and a festive period in which the rest is usually predominant, it is advisable to start the body again. Low physical activity these days is often the norm in the body, resulting in excess body mass, poor mental and physical performance, or gastrointestinal sensitivities. To regain lost well-being it is advisable to start a sports routine. Regular physical exercise helps maintain fitness and strengthen the immune system and body organs.

Take care of your hygiene

During a long holiday period, it is common for people to disconnect from the routine to enjoy their time better. At this stage, the most basic hygiene habits are often overlooked, facilitating the appearance of potential infections and unwanted illnesses. It is important to keep in mind that cleansing and caring for the body is an important fact and must be kept in mind at any time and place. Especially with the low temperatures of winter or when it comes to food before cooking.

Manage your time

Inactivity is a factor that undoubtedly also alters the normal functioning of the body. Therefore, in addition to maintaining daily routine, both the mind and body sometimes need to consume more energy by doing some activity. It is important to look for a hobby or any other type of exercise to maintain physical fitness and good mental health. Sports, caring for oneself, improving one’s personal aesthetics or proposing new goals are projects that help to grow health in all its aspects.

Follow a healthy diet

Starting a new year is always a good opportunity to come up with new ways to increase your personal well-being. Especially after various lunches and dinners in which excesses and whims are abundant. All these kinds of limits can harm your body in the long term, reducing your ability to deal with physical ailments. Following a balanced diet helps keep the appearance of infections, illnesses and looking good.

Ask for a medical checkup

Health problems are not always visible or show easily identifiable physical symptoms. That is why it is advisable to visit your doctor regularly for a complete medical examination. This eliminates any suspicion of a disease or condition. This is really important for people over 50 or with previous health problems in order to detect any physical ailments in time.

2020 starts with good health! Request an online visit to our website and get a full medical examination with our experts!