5 foods that are protective against diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health problem that can often end up by determining the behavior and lifestyle of the people affected. Primarily motivated by poor nutrition and the sedentary lifestyle that is lived on a daily basis, it is a condition that must be prevented not to suffer its severe consequences.

Considered a metabolic pathology, diabetes causes individuals suffering from this disease to contain a blood glucose level too high continuously in time. Its origin may be due to several factors. First, due to a pancreatic inability to generate enough insulin levels. Secondly, due to a malfunction of the hormone that inserts the glucose that is in the bloodstream within the tissues. Third, for a possible resistance of tissues to the hormone or an increase in glucose in the body.

There are currently several foods that can prevent the onset of diabetes and help regulate it. By means of a nutritional diet and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to fight it and avoid serious phases of this condition.

Dried fruit

They contain a high percentage of dietary fiber and healthy fats. Thanks to its properties, they act as an anti-inflammator on the body and reduce the rate of absorption of sugar in the intestine. Taking a few of them every day and as natural as possible can favor a more resistant system against diabetes.

Black olives

They provide healthy fats such as Omega-9 and Vitamin E. They are antioxidant foods that also act as anti-inflammatories. In order for their properties to be effective, it is necessary to take about eight times a day. Eating organic olives avoid consuming flavor enhancers of traditional olives.


They are rich in chlorophyll, chromium and fiber, and help regulate the level of sugar present in the blood. It is recommended to take twice a week in any of its states: Crushed or cooked.


Chickpeas, lentils, beans or peas contain a very low glycemic index along with a large amount of fiber. They also help prevent coronary heart disease in people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Taking it three times a week can help improve health.


Many of the fruits, except pineapple and melon, have a low glycemic index. Especially apples and cranberries, which contain a large amount of water and fiber and compensate for their natural sugar, fructose.

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